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Useful Tools Reviewed


pCloud – Review of FREE Swiss Cloud Storage

The nice thing about pCloud is that you have cloud storage that you can access from any device anytime you want. And if you want to share things with people you can. And if you want to brand your folders so people see your brand when they access your resources that you are sharing, it’s done!

Protonmail Proton Mail

Proton – Review of FREE Services: Proton VPN, Proton Email, Proton Drive, & Proton Calendar

Have you wanted to leave GMail or Yahoo behind and sign up for a new, fresh email account that respects your privacy and isn’t stalking you around the Internet? If you were to pick a country in the world where a company could be headquartered that respects privacy above international pressure of foreign agencies, which country would that be? Yes! Switzerland. They gained a reputation for maintaining discretion and privacy of their clients at the Swiss banks. The same is happening in the tech realm. Proton Mail was one of the first.


Trex – Translation samples in context

Need a quick translation of an idiom? Verifying a Google translation of a phrase? Go to Translation Examples (Tr-Ex)

ManualsLib – When You Have to Find a Manual for it

Lost your manual? Never had a manual? Find it at ManualLib.

Cloud Convert – Convert PDF to Doc file and more file types

Cloud Convert – Have you had a file you wanted converted to something more useful for you? Upload it to this site choosing what you want the file to be converted to in return.

Get Human – Get Around Customer Support Automation!

Get Human – Let’s say you call in for support to some company and you get stuck in some automated queue. Get Human website will tell you what number to call and what to say, when to say it, and what choices to select in order to get to a human being faster.

GMass Review: Most Powerful Mass Email System

Looking for a free tool to facilitate the process of running mass email campaigns? Then this GMass Review is for you! I’ll show you a GMail extension that will significantly increase your delivery rates to the Inbox and save you valuable time. GMass is an email...

Lusha Review: Game Changer in Lead Generation

Have you ever fruitlessly spent lots of time trying to find a lead’s contact information? And even when you dig something up, was the information up to date? Well, in this Lusha review I have a game changer for you! Save your precious time and get more leads using...