Ron Craig

My name is Ron Craig and I have been in business since 1998.

My first company was an IT firm in Seattle, near Microsoft. I serviced small businesses in Seattle and in a community to the north, called Bellingham.

In 2005, I took advantage of the pending membership of Poland to the European Union and set up a Business Development firm that functioned as a proxy with western companies. My research had revealed that the Polish were, at the time, the second slowest at acquiring English in the E.U. I took advantage of the opportunity as an American business man in Poland. That is where I won my largest accounts: Sony, Merck, Avon, and Nestle. I also assisted on consulting for my first political project, a European Union Parliamentary candidate in Poland. I also helped small business with their development.

In 2014 I re-branded the Business Development firm and relocated it to Los Angeles. I began developing businesses in Los Angeles. I have helped many startups in many sectors, not only IT. Health, Video, Ad Agency, Casinos, Web Apps are among a few of them.

I was hired as Campaign Manager for Ron Gold for Attorney General 2014 Primaries to win him the seat with the Republican Party. We beat the favored candidate Phil Wyman with a strategy I created for targeting counties based on statistical calculations I made and with a mass email campaign of 1.5 million emails sent in 2 days. The email campaign had approximately a 93% through rate around the server level spam filters of such Email services as Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

In 2015, I opened a project for educating Americans in Web Application Programming and placing them in jobs. It is completely online, modular, very affordable and it is intended for non-programmers. It gives them a chance to change their career path and earn a respectable amount of money for their families.

In 2016 I started my first partnered firm in PVC re-purposing in Los Angeles. We are looking to set up a factory in Ukraine for importing originally manufactured furniture into the E.U.

I also assisted a rehab startup targeting pharmaceutical addictions in Orange County. As the CMO, I performed executive duties coordinating meetings, branding, financial projections and pitchdeck for investors, locating prime real estate for the building of a hotel class facility and office complex, and establishing tools for team communication and file sharing for security and privacy.

In 2017 I spent the year in Ukraine on a new project. 3 months of interviews I conducted with CEO’s and founders of IT firms led me to create an outsourcing firm for American and Western companies (mainly SME’s and startups) to hire programmers. My firm reduces the budget and simplifies product development.

Along the way, I have serviced many individuals trying to create businesses. Some of these have been various artists, but many are just your average person looking to make a niche for themselves to create an income and be their own boss. This website, Small Guy On Top, is for you. I want to give you what you need to succeed in the same ways that I have helped all of these other individuals. Enjoy!



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