Rev It Up! 5 Startup Essentials [Free download!] FREE! Rev It Up! 5 Startup Essentials GuideGet your FREE Rev It Up! 5 Startup Essentials guide and join Small Guy On Top mailing list to receive the latest suggestions for development and management of...

How to Start a Business – Goals and Reasons in Business

This is the second in our series on How to Start a Business. The previous article was How to Start a Business – the State of Your Business. Now we will look at your goals and reasons in business and why determining these at the very start is so critical to your...

How to Start a Business – The State of Your Business

We will look at areas that will help you evaluate the state of your business, prior to launching or prior to pivoting. 4 Businesses that Need Small Guy on Top There are four types of businesses that need the materials on our website: Startup (you have a new idea and...
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