Looking for a free tool to facilitate the process of running mass email campaigns? Then this GMass Review is for you! I’ll show you a GMail extension that will significantly increase your delivery rates to the Inbox and save you valuable time.

GMass is an email marketing extension for GMail, which is designed to reach a large number of people in a personalized manner with a small amount of work. The system itself is a Chrome extension that embeds within GMail to help you maximize Google’s emailing services.

GMass is an excellent choice for

  • email marketing campaigns
  • email newsletters
  • mail merge (Google Sheets)
  • mass email

GMass Review: Advantages

Among its benefits are

  • personalization
  • schedule follow-up emails
  • open and click tracking
  • send email marketing campaigns to 10,000 people
  • mail merge from a Google Sheet
  • send emails as replies to the last conversation you had with each person, etc…

In this GMass Review we will take a closer look.

To start with, GMass has specialized tools for email automation. All campaigns can be scheduled, timed, and monitored.

One of the most vital advantages of GMass is the opportunity to expand your reach. Without it Google’s platform only allows you to send emails to a limited number of people at a time. What GMass does is automatically distribute the emails over multiple days. Your task is to just click the send button.

Another essential feature is open tracking. It allows you to see how frequently your emails are opened by recipients, giving you a broad idea of what content captures your audience’s attention. For an advanced data research, Gmass collects information about how often your messages are opened, clicked and replied to. GMass allows you to see which leads have opened your email, what time, what OS they used, and even their IP address. Sometimes it is even accurate in identifying the country and city of the recipient when they opened your email.

Google Sheets Mail Merge

GMass also alleviates integration with Google Sheets, which helps businesses transfer data and automatically compose new emails using the imported information about recipients’ names, email addresses, and company and title within their company. That’s how you can personalize your cold emails. You can then use each column of information as a personalization field to insert into your emails. GMass extracts that information when merging the Google Sheet and places the correct information for each contact within the particular email being sent to them. In addition, if you know that your personalization variables will have a value for some email addresses but will not for others, you can set a fallback value to be used when the personalization value is blank.

Have I convinced you in this GMass Review to install this extension? Well, I have another ace up my sleeve: follow-ups. When you create follow-up emails, reminders will be sent to your recipients in stages until you get a reply (or an open or click) or until all follow-up emails have been sent. This will help you to increase your response rates dramatically.

GMass Review: Disadvantages

Of course, no platform is without its downsides – and GMass is no exception.

  1. GMass only works with Gmail. This means that you have to work entirely within Google’s system.
  2. GMass only works with Chrome. Sorry Firefox and Safari users!
  3. There’s no A/B testing.
  4. No Templates.
  5. GMass integrates only with Google Sheets.


GMass offers a free plan as well as Standard and Premium plans, which can be paid monthly or annually, individually or in teams. The difference between these two plans is that the standard one excludes sequences and follow-ups.

To start with, you can install the extension from the GMass website which takes you to the Chrome Web Store or you can go directly to the Chrome Web store page for GMass installation. Once installed, you will be prompted to give permission to connect GMass to your Gmail account. Once connected, you will be ready to go.

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