Have you ever fruitlessly spent lots of time trying to find a lead’s contact information? And even when you dig something up, was the information up to date? Well, in this Lusha review I have a game changer for you! Save your precious time and get more leads using Lusha.

What is it?

Lusha has a huge B2B database, which allows you to find contact details on social media, such as LinkedIn, using Lusha’s interface in just one click. The email address and phone number, as well as the position and company information, are provided in order to help you establish a fast connection with your leads. It works in the form of a Google Chrome extension, making the process of simple and understandable. You can even contact your potential customers directly through the extension, if you decide to integrate it with your email account.

Who is it for?

Lusha’s own customers range from small businesses to enterprises and include Google, Amazon, and Apple. Overall, it is a great option for:

  • marketers
  • recruiters
  • headhunters
  • account managers
  • salespeople

As I have already mentioned in this Lusha review, Lusha is extremely easy to use so you can take the process of development of your business into your own hands.

Lusha Review – The Good and the Bad


  1. Free version. You can check out all the tools by yourself and decide whether Lusha is worth giving a shot.
  2. The prospecting feature. It works straight from the Lusha dashboard and allows you to search for contacts by specific fields, such as company name, location, revenue, industry, etc… This will help you find the quality leads that will more likely convert into customers.
  3. Integrations. Lusha integrates with your favorite tools in the categories of CRM solutions, sales engagement platforms, email services, etc…


  1. Free version. Why did I include it in both pros and cons? Well, the downside of free version is that Lusha provides you with only 5 contacts every month, which is definitely not enough to enrich your leads database.
  2. Pricing. I will give you more information about subscription plans lower in the article, but the contact information of one person will cost you around 1 dollar. I won’t charge you, but Lusha will. In addition, according to Lusha, their accuracy rate is 81%, which means that 19% of your budget will be washed down the drain.


My Lusha review reveals that you have a choice between 4 subscription plans: starter, professional, premium and enterprise. You can pay either monthly or annually, saving 20% with the last.

  • Starter: free, 5 credits/month. Includes email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Professional: 99$/month, 100 credits/month. Includes email addresses, phone numbers, export contacts, prospecting.
  • Premium: 199$/month, 300 credits/month. Includes email addresses, phone numbers, export contacts, prospecting, bulk data enrichment, Hubspot, Zoho & Pipedrive integrations.
  • Enterprise: custom plan, which is billed annually. Includes everything Premium does, plus Salesforce, Salesloft & Outreach integrations, team management, dedicated success manager and API access.

Lusha Review – Conclusion

In my Lusha review I have found that Lusha is the easiest way to locate your future customers and get their contact details. But everything good has its price. Look through the pros and cons again and make the right decision. I wish you good luck with it! Please check out our courses and reach new heights with Small Guy on Top.