Think Twice Before Considering PayPal

PayPal has also damaged our business during the past 5 months and refused to rectify the matter, regardless of the mountain of proof we have provided them. Similar to this young entrepreneur in the video below, we had reached out to PayPal, wasting very precious and expensive time of ours dealing with their broken process and robotic customer service. In the end, we stopped all business with this company. We cannot apply some other business principles than we would expect of ourselves with our own clients. So we ended the relationship. We have warned them that we are going to publicize their unethical behavior not only of us, but also of others. That is why we welcome you to share your horror stories about PayPal by writing guest articles for our other project.

Watch this video in full. Read her descriptions. There are plenty of solid links about important matters in her description. Online payments should not threaten your livelihood as it did with her.