Get Human

You call in for support to some company and you get stuck in some automated queue.Everything about this is wrong. It is Customer Frustration, not Customer Support. Many companies do this intentionally to weed out those who do not have critical problems. They figure that if you are willing to hang up in the first 5 minutes then you had a superficial problem. If you hang up in the first 20 minutes you had a problem that was not a show stopper. If after 40 minutes you are still holding on the line for a representative then the company concludes that your problem is serious enough for them to give you the time of day. How do you get around this trap?

You need to know what number to call, what choices to press, and what to say at the right time. Otherwise, you will get ejected from the system or be stuck waiting for the wrong department. What is worse is you may never get to speak to a human being from the company. Get Human will tell you what number to call and what to say, when to say it, and what choices to select in order to get to a human being faster.