Translation Examples

Tr-ex is a site for grabbing or verifying a snippet, phrase, idiom, or small sentence from one language to another. I would use it for different purposes.

  • A quick messages in a foreign language
  • Very part of a Google translation
  • Learning phrases in a target language is bilingual contextual dictionary, containing translations of various phrases. For each translation, we have examples of using in various sentences. The examples are taken from millions of texts previously translated ranging from dialogues(subtitles of film), and official documents to multilingual websites.

You will find some translations above the example list. They are automatically calculated thanks to our algorithms. We cannot check them all by hand; they are only displayed for information purposes. Sometimes, the highlighted text in the source might not correspond to the one on the translated text, even if the translation is correct.

We are constantly working on improving the translation algorithm, but still the wrong translations may appear. These translations are due to incorrect translation examples. We really hope that when you see a bad example of translation of the sentence, then just click on the finger down

Knowing the direct translation of a word does not always help in learning the language and communicating, so we try to give more translations, not just direct translations.

If you click on a translation, Context will only display the examples containing this particular translation. This will help you to have a better picture of the conditions for its use.