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I started with the 5 Startup Essentials guide, which helped me grasp how business works and what are the most important things to always keep focus on. Then I bought the Rev It Up! Premium. It goes into a lot more details. I have been able to take my startup to 5-figures within the first year. I needed to develop a strategy plan, but I could not have done that without having gone through the Rev It Up! Premium materials. This is a concise and very practical crash course education in startups.

George Walker

1st time entrepreneur, Reinbeck Iowa

I tried launching a startup, but it went nowhere. I was ashamed to admit it and just went around boasting about being an entrepreneur and having a startup. Small Guy on Top were honest with me and helped me see I had nothing. I really needed their help. So I downloaded the free Rev It Up! 5 Startup Essentials. It takes about 30 minutes to read, but about five days for it to really sink in how significant this tiny guide is as a first step.

Then I signed up for the Rev It Up! Premium. I was surprised even more, because it goes into even greater detail that is so practical. They really show you how to move from the concepts behind launching a startup to how to do the work. My second startup, the one spawned from my education here with Small Guy on Top, I’ve taken it to a few tens of thousands a year within 9 months. I wish I had had this when I tried my first startup. I was just too cocky. Now, I realize I need professional help like what I get from Small Guy on Top.

James Perkins

Second Chance Entrepreneur, New Orleans Louisiana

I come out of working in a corporate environment. I dreamed of being my own boss and heading up the company myself. In the business world, even today, it is nearly impossible for a woman to achieve. However, the playing field is leveled in the area of startups. Small Guy on Top gave me the compass, Rev It Up! 5 Startup Essentials guide. This has remained the foundation for all of my business activities. I don’t know why they don’t teach this so straight forward in business training or business school.

Once I absorbed that guide, I was ready for the Premium level. Wow! I was not disappointed. Every page was a detailed guide of how to do it. Consider it a blueprint for your startup. Follow it like builders would a blueprint and you should be able to succeed as I have. My startup reached 5 digits somewhere between months 9 and 12. I have gone on to other coursework with Small Guy on Top, but you must start with Rev It Up! both the 5 Startup Essentials and the Premium.

Charmaine Collins

Corporate Refugee turned Entrepreneur, Salinas California

I often had the feeling that college might be a waste of my time. I mean, with the way the world is today, anyone can make it if they have the right people supporting them. So I covered both bases. While I’ve been in college, I have been exploring the world of startups.

First I attended some conferences to see what kind of people become entrepreneurs. I tried it on for size to see if I might fit in. It seemed possible, but I had no clue where to start or what anything was. I grabbed the free Rev It Up! 5 Startup Essentials guide and just let it soak in while I attended another conference and began asking real entrepreneurs questions. I am a Journailsm student, so that felt most comfortable. I found out that most of them have no real bearings on these essentials. So I knew I had hold of some sort of secret information.

I jumped into the Rev It Up! Premium and found a new world to explore. It was a world I had never heard of before and a way of thinking about business that I never imagined. I am sure now that this is the best kept secret on the Internet today. It is so unlike anything else you will find. I am closing in on an income level that I can support a deadbeat husband, if I turn out unlucky in love, and a couple of children.  This is all because, not of luck, but of this wealth of practical assistance from Small Guy on Top with the Rev It Up! series. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, seasoned or novice.

Kelly Riley

College Student / Entrepreneur, Holmes Beach Florida

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