1st Contact Cold Email Course

Professional feedback on your campaign (included)

1st Contact Cold Email Course

Stop floundering around! Sign up and get the following:

  • Cold Email Course
  • Personal feedback on implementation in your campaigns
  • Higher click through rates (CTR) on emails
  • More customer conversions
  • Learn from experts in email marketing

Increase Your Revenue

Small Guy on Top equips you with practical skills to grow your business.

1st Contact Cold Email Course

Gain insight into tips and tricks of running a successful cold email marketing campaign. The course was designed by a top professional in the field, Mr. Craig, who has consulted for Merck, Sony, Nestle, Avon, GM, a statewide political candidate in California, an EU Parliamentary candidate, a European univeristy, American schools, California startups, Ukrainian IT firms, and various entreprenuers around the world.

Professional Feedbadck on Campaign

Make sure that you understood the content of the Cold Email Course through guidance on applying it. What makes Small Guy on Top’s Cold Email Course unique is the professional, personal feedback on your implementation of the course materials applied to your own campaign. One of our email marketing professionals will provide feedback on how you are applying what you have learned in the Small Guy on Top’s Cold Email Course.

Higher CTR and Conversions

Let’s face it. The goal of your cold email campaign will be to gain more clients. Small Guy on Top’s Cold Email Course will help you learn the skills you need to increase your CTR (click through rate) on your cold emails. It will also equip you to make more customer conversions as a result of the campaign skills.

Limited Seats Available

Due to the fact that we have real people engaging with you to provide feedback on each student’s own cold email campaign for your business we have limited seats available. Sign up quickly to secure your seat in Small Guy on Top’s Cold Email Course.


"A ship in harbor cannot be steered."

– a wise saying

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